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BE MORE RESCUE gear is part of a series of work that INSPIRES, EMPOWERS AND BROKERS HOPE….
A mental trigger, a statement, a challenge even an aspiration to be better…….. forged through rescues, missions, adventures and service it is also about moments where you can take action for the good of the world or those you meet. 
Lifting a spider from a bath, smile for a stranger, raising your hand to volunteer, crawling through collapsing infernos or dropping into harm’s way to stand eye to eye with hatred to help those in need we all have a moment where we can “be more rescue”.
50% of the profit to a rescue charity that saves and changes lives around the world and here in the UK. Just buying this great item does good HOWEVER we also really want you to get inspired, live up to the message and do some good…. 
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Fabric 80% Ringspun cotton, 20% Polyester

Weight 280gsm

Size S 36" M 40" L 44" XL 48" 2XL 52" 3XL* 56"